Hello HeroesLand Players,

Server has Closed his doors today 7-14-2015

As you all known, since I got it from the old admin, server had population issues

I payed the server and license 1 year from my own pocket and I would continue to do so,

But not enough players to do that for, and I said from the start,if the players are low I will close the server

There are very little players ingame, so there is no REAL reason to pay the server and license anymore

As it is now, I cannot continue to pay the server and license fee anymore, I didnt get donations for more then 1 year

The little I get before were all used to pay server hosting and license

Whoever played the game till the end, I hope you enjoy it, HeroesLand was unique and I'm sad to see it go

BUT what has to be done has to be done

Thank you for understanding

PS: NO private server can survive with no donation or players, keep that in mind!